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Alstom P40 Agile P14DL Transmission Numerical Protection relay (W:154.2mm X H:177.0mm D:243.1mm)

SKU Code : P40-Agile-P14DL-P14DL11A2C0

Mfr Part No. : P14DL11A2C0

HSN Code: : -

Brand : ALSTOM


Technical Specification

  • Type Numerical Protection
  • Protection Type Distance Protection
  • Voltage 24V-240V
  • AC\DC Operated Auxillary supply AC/DC

Product Detail

Best Price Guaranteed

The P14N non-directional feeder, P14D directional feeder and P94V voltage and frequency IEDs bring the design rigour and technology of transmission applications to the entire utility and industrial market.

Ge Link : https://store.gegridsolutions.com/ViewProduct.aspx?Model=P14DL

37,46,46BC,49,50SOTF,50BF,50,50N,51,51N,67,67N ,VTS,CTS,64N ,68,27,47,59,59N,81V,51V,81R,86,81O,81U,81df/dt,81V,51V,25,32(LOAD BLINDERS),79,21FL,81RF,81RAV,81R,80 30TE CASE :(W: 154.2mm H: 177.0mm D: 243.1mm)
40TE CASE :(W: 206.0 mm H: 177.0 mm D: 243.1 mm)

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  • Numerical Protection

  • Distance Protection

  • 24V-240V

  • Auxillary supply AC/DC

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