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Alstom MiCOM P141 Numerical Feeder Protection relay Agile(W:206.0mm X H:177.0mm D:243.1mm)

(Alstom MiCOM Agile Feeder Protection Relay)

SKU Code : MiCOM-P141-P141916A6S0

Mfr Part No. : P141916A6S0

HSN Code: : 8536

Brand : ALSTOM


Technical Specification

  • Type Numerical Protection
  • Protection Type Feeder Protection
  • Protocol Modbus / IEC103 / 61850

Product Detail

Model Type :

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The P14N non-directional feeder, P14D directional feeder and P94V voltage and frequency IEDs bring the design rigour and technology of transmission applications to the entire utility and industrial market.

Ge Link : https://store.gegridsolutions.com/ViewProduct.aspx?Model=P141

(W: 206.0mm     H: 177.0mm     D: 243.1mm)

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MiCOM Agile P14x

Feeder Protection Relay

MiCOM Agile P14x feeder management relays provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables, covering all distribution and transmission voltage levels. Providing all essential information to efficiently maintain complex power systems and their components, the P14x relay family is user-friendly and highly flexible, allowing application on any network.

The MiCOM Agile P14x is an advanced feeder management relay platform with overcurrent and earth fault protection, as well as autoreclose and a full suite of protection, control and monitoring functions. The platform also provides main or back-up protection for MV/HV, solidly earthed, impedance earthed, Petersen coil earthed and isolated neutral systems.

Key benefits:

  • Full feeder management with efficient monitoring, control, recording and digital communications
  • Supports all major digital control system protocols, easing integration into DCS, SCADA and engineering workstations
  • Harsh environment protection extends the life of the product
  • New advanced opto inputs comply with the harshest norms for surge withstand, plus the ESI 48-4 EB2 standard. Spurious wiring pickup is eliminated without the use of interposing relays, external resistors or time delays. Battery/wiring faults, switching noise, and induction from long parallel circuits are tolerated without misoperation.

Agile P14x Remote HMI Tool Features

  • P141 Feeder management IED
  • P142 Feeder management IED with autoreclose
  • P143 Feeder management IED with autoreclose and synchronizing
  • P144 Feeder management IED with transient earth fault detection for isolated/Petersen systems
  • P145 Feeder management IED with autoreclose, synchronizing and function keys


  • 4-stages of non-directional/directional overcurrent, earth fault, negative phase sequence overcurrent, sensitive earth fault protection
  • 2-stage under/over voltage, 9-stage under/overfrequency, check synchronism, autoreclose and breaker fail are standard
  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing or PRP
  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation and avoids the need for external logic controllers
  • Hardware modularity extends up to a maximum of 48 binary (opto) inputs
  • Integrated functionality permits control of up to eight switchgear elements in the bay, in addition to circuit breaker control

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive library of hardware options, protection and control functions suitable to meet your system requirements
  • The standard and user-programmable curves, supplemented by load blinders and voltage supervision offer fast and dependable fault tripping, without constraining circuit loadability
  • Distance to fault location assists dispatching of maintenance crews
  • Numerical Protection

  • Feeder Protection

  • Modbus / IEC103 / 61850

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