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Alstom Over current & Earth fault Protection CAG14AF15A

SKU Code : Alstom-CAG14AF15A

Mfr Part No. : CAG14AF15A

HSN Code: : 8536

Brand : ALSTOM


Technical Specification

  • Type Electro Mechanical Relay
  • Protection Type Restricted earth fault



Technical specification  
Relay model no                   CAG14AF15A
Relay type                       CAG 14
Case size                       1D V 10T
Application                     E/F
Current setting              0.5 to 2 amps
C.T.Secondary                  5 amps
Contacts                         2 N/O S/R
Frequency                       50 Hz
Flag                            Yes
Mounting                        Flush
Ext.Resistor                    50 Ohms
Name plate                    RFM9053 805
Outline drawing              MFJ 012
Wiring diagram                  ADZ 077.4-1

Cut out Dimension (in mm.)

(H X W X D)                

 222 X 150 X 203


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