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Socomec ATyS C55 ATS Controller Mid-level functionalities
Socomec ATyS C55 ATS Controller Mid-level functionalities

Socomec ATyS C55 ATS Controller Mid-level functionalities 1600 0055

SKU Code : C55-16000055

Mfr Part No. : 16000055

HSN Code: : 8536

Weight : 1000.000 in Gram

Brand : Socomec


Technical Specification

  • Model ATyS C55

Product Detail

Communication :

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ATyS C55 is a complete ATSE controller that can be used to pilot a remotely operated transfer switch of any technology: motorised switches (e.g. ATyS r, ATyS S or ATyS d M), circuit breakers or contactors. ATyS C55 ensure the automatic or remotely controlled transfer from one source to another, with configurable timers and thresholds, for any combination of sources: 2 transformers, 1 transformer and 1 genset or 2 gensets.


Fast commissioning

On initial power up, the ATyS C55’s smart wizard will guide the operator through the commissioning process.


The ATyS C55 is compatible with contactors, breakers and switches. It can also work for all type of 2-source applications combining mains and gensets.

Clear visualization and operation

• High-resolution LCD screen with clear defined messages.
• Real-time pop-ups to show timers, alarms, faults and information alerts.
• Quick and easy access to main functions through the front face with direct key input.
• Complete configuration can be achieved through the front face or via software (EasyConfig).

>General characteristics

• Self-powered from sensing.
• Wide voltage range (88-576VAC).
• 24 VDC aux power supply (for optional use).
• 2 latching relays.
• Smart commissioning wizard.
• IP65 degree of protection with gasket (accessory).
• 1000 Alarms and Events.
• 6 fully configurable I/O.
• Genset scheduler.
• Door or back plate mounting.
• Main/Main, Main/Genset and Genset/Genset applications.
• Easyconfig configuration software.
• RS485 Modbus communication.
• Ethernet, SNMP, BACnet using DIRIS M-70 gateways. Includes Webserver.
• A DIRIS Digiware D-70 gateway can be utilised as a remote display for multiple ATyS C55/C65 controllers; the D-70 also provides Ethernet, SNMP & BACnet connectivity.

  • ATyS C55

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